Demo organisation

We have set up a demo organisation to show you how plan2gether can be used. We have created some sample teams: Band, Security, Creche, Welcoming, etc, and some events: Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, Coffee Mornings, Monthly Tidy up, etc. All names and details used are entirely fictitious.

You can access this at


Public view

Click the button below to see the public-facing rota. This is how plan2gether would appear to anyone who visits the site and is not logged in as a user.

All people are shown using their display names only. There is no editing permitted.


User view

To view what a logged-in user would see, click the login button below. This will take you to the demo organisation site as a logged in user. Any editing has been disabled.

You can view people, teams and events. This will show you how your organisation can be set up.